Blue Skies

Blue Skies brings the hyper-local forecast from the highly popular iPhone app, Dark Sky, to Windows Phone.
Using the same information as Dark Sky, Blue Skies can tell you precisely if it will rain or snow in the next hour. Now you can know if it’s a good idea to take that umbrella with you as you leave your house. Unlike the Dark Sky app, Blue Skies brings the weather to your home screen with a beautiful live tile.

These are the three main screens of the app.  Swipe left or right to navigate between the three.
The first page is the Glance page.  Quickly showing you the forecast, temperature, and summaries of the next hour/24 hours.
The second page is the Today page.  It features a more indepth look at today’s weather conditions.  At the bottom, you’ll notice an hourly breakdown of the weather which can be swiped horizontally to see later times.
The third page is the 5 Day page.  This pages displays the weather forecast for the next 5 days.  By tapping any of the days, a more indepth weather forecast of the day will slide out below.
Tapping on the ellipsees at the bottom of the page gives you more options and the ability to navigate to other pages such as your saved locations, settings, and to add features.


The app takes advantage of Windows Phone’s unique live tile features.  Thee app’s live tile comes in 3 sizes: small, medium, and wide.  The wide live tile is shown above.  The wide live tile flips every several seconds to show you the 5 day forecast.

 Download the app to check it out for yourself:

Complete list of features include:
– Summary of next hour (Is not available for all locations)
– Summary of next 24 hours
– 12 hour forecast
– 5 day forecast
– Detailed weather information including: precipitation, humidity, sunrise, sunset
– Displays severe weather warnings and advisories
– Live tile with small, medium, and wide tile sizes
– Transparent live tile perfect for Windows Phone 8.1
– Choose the live tile update frequency to reduce battery consumption
– Choose between a light or dark theme
– Simple and easy to use
– Use voice commands to get the weather
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