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I’m a student at Virginia Tech, currently double majoring in B.I.T. & Marketing

Rohit Rajendran

East Meets West

Born in the beautiful tropical state of Kerala (India), my family moved to the US when I was three.  It didn’t take me long to adapt to the culture change and the new school system.  Changing schools as we moved from New Jersey to Toronto (Canada) and then to Pennsylvania was never easy.  But meeting and learning from different people made me more adaptable.  It has taught me to see other people’s view points without any bias and work through most situations.

College Is Great

After high school, I was always certain that I wanted to understand how to make technology work for businesses and build a foundation to one day start my own company.  So my decision to major in Business Information Technology was no surprise to my family and friends.  It wasn’t until shortly after I started college that I discovered how fascinating I found Marketing and how important a role it plays in business.  That’s when I decided to double major in Marketing.

Gadgets Are A Man’s Best Friends

I am a fascinated by gadgets and the technology that makes them do their magic.  I am the first to get the gadgets.  First to download the beta software.  I enjoy providing ideas and error reports to the development team to help make the experience better for everybody.  I am the first person my friends think of when they need a new gadget or need help with ones they purchased.

Work Hard, Play Hard

I spend a lot of time on activities outside my school work.  It took long hours of social networking and SEO techniques to beat more than 60,000 other competitors to win the grand prize of $50,000 in the Men’s Wearhouse Prom Rep Competition with my friend.  I did this three years in a row setting new records for number of referrals I could gather every year.  Traveling to San Francisco to meet with the founder and the president was icing on the cake.Working as an intern at Intel was also a great experience.  Learning about Hadoop and Cloud Security teams and helping the Intel team by managing their booths at conferences, was challenging and fun.  I’ve continued to help them with their marketing and other activities related to these technologies.  I am also a part of a couple organizations at Virginia Tech.  I’m part of the Analyst team for PRISM (Pamplin Re-Inventing Social Media), an organization that manages all the social media profiles for the Pamplin College of Business.  I’m also the IT Chair for Business Horizons, we organize the career fair for business students.

You’re probably sick about learning about me by now.  But if you have any questions or want to reach out to me, just scroll down further to find out how to best get a hold of me.

My Skills

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Business Information Technology

As a Business Information Technology (BIT) major, I am currently learning how to develop and use computer systems and quantitative modeling techniques for solving business problems and making managerial decisions. By learning the necessary information technology and computing skills, I will be able to develop and implement business-related computer systems.


As a Marketing major, I am preparing myself to understand consumer audiences and the process to move products to the end consumer. The curriculum at Virgina Tech especially emphasizes the importance of innovation and technology for successful marketing initiatives.

Website Design

I have expereince in designing websites using WordPress, Wix, Weebly, and other website design tools.


I know how to effectively use search engine optimization techniques to help optimize websites for search engine rankings.


I can analyze data to understand trends and discover ways to optimize for better results.

Social Media

I am able to effectively use Facebook, Twitter, and other social media networks to convey messages and promote content.

Market Research

I have experience in conducting surveys and analyzing data for market research.


I am able to develop effective offline and online marketing campaigns to increase sales and traffic.

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